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Valeria Rodriguez

Introducing Valeria Rodriguez, a master of transformation in the realm of beauty, specializing as an eyebrow and lash artist. With a rich background stemming from the vibrant culture of Spain, Valeria brings an international flair to her craft, fluently speaking both English and Spanish. Her journey in the beauty industry began at esthetician school, where she laid the foundation for her beauty career. With a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to excellence, Valeria has expanded her expertise through additional certifications in Microblading and Powder Brows, ensuring her techniques remain at the industry’s cutting edge.

Valeria embarked on her professional path four years ago, driven by a passion to enhance the natural beauty of her clients. At the heart of Valeria’s work is a desire to make every individual feel like the best version of themselves. This dedication is fueled by her admiration for fellow artists and the inspiring stories of her clients, which motivate her to push boundaries and innovate continuously. Proud of her journey from a budding artist to a specialist in her field, Valeria celebrates her achievements, especially her courage to explore new techniques and step out of her comfort zone.