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Jaine Vincent

Jaine Vincent, a talented Esthetician at The Look Salon & Spa in Oviedo, FL, began her beauty career in New Jersey before pursuing her passion at the Hollywood Beauty Academy, Orlando, FL, where she graduated in 2022. Certified in Norvell Air Brush Tanning, Jaine’s expertise spans from spray tanning since 2016 to a comprehensive esthetician role since 2022.

Jaine’s approach combines a deep understanding of client needs with a commitment to personalization, ensuring every interaction leaves a lasting impression of care and professionalism. Inspired by figures like Isabela Lysa, she takes pride in her journey of continuous learning and hard work within the beauty salon sphere. Jaine is not just focused on delivering exceptional services; she’s dedicated to helping clients and staff alike feel their best, embodying a blend of dedication, loyalty, and care in every aspect of her work.