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Emily Bertram

Emily Bertram, a skilled Hair Stylist from Winter Springs, FL, brings a unique blend of professionalism and warmth to her craft. A proud graduate of Paul Mitchell the School Orlando, Emily embarked on her hairstyling journey in February 2015.

Emily’s approach to hairstyling is deeply influenced by her mother and the beauty of nature, which inspire her to create looks that are both elegant and natural. Her greatest joy in her profession comes from making her clients feel their absolute best. She believes that a good hairstyle can transform not just appearances but also boost confidence and self-esteem.

Among her professional achievements, Emily takes pride in being part of the Honors Program during her schooling and serving as the Lead Hair and Makeup Artist for the Wayne Densch Theater. These experiences have honed her skills and deepened her understanding of the art of hairstyling.

Known for her bubbly and accepting personality, Emily ensures that everyone who sits in her chair feels safe, heard, and leaves with a smile. Her goal is not just to provide exceptional hairstyling services but also to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all her clients.